Winners and losers from Super Wild Card Weekend

Winners and losers from Super Wild Card Weekend were plentiful. The biggest winner was the Buffalo Bills, who defeated the Indianapolis Colts and advanced to the Divisional Round for their first time since 1995. The Bills were led by quarterback Josh Allen, who threw for 324 yards and two touchdowns in the win.

The second biggest winners of Super Wild Card Weekend were the Cleveland Browns, who shocked many with a 48-37 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns’ explosive offense was on full display as they put up 564 total yards in one of the most thrilling games of wild card weekend.

Other Winners included the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Rams, Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints. All four teams had strong performances throughout wild card weekend and will be looking forward to advancing further in the playoffs.

On the other hand, Super Wild Card Weekend had its fair share of losers as well. The biggest losers were the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were unable to contain the Browns’ offense and fell short 48-37. Another big loser was the Indianapolis Colts, who struggled against Buffalo’s defense and could not keep up with Josh Allen’s passing attack.

The Seattle Seahawks also saw their season come to an end after a disappointing loss to the Rams. The Tennessee Titans managed to stay in the game against Baltimore but ultimately came up short in overtime. The Chicago Bears suffered a heartbreaking loss on last second field goal by New Orleans, ending their playoff hopes for this season.

Overall, Super Wild Card Weekend provided plenty of memorable moments and highlighted some of the best teams in the NFL. Winners and losers were plentiful, but those who advanced will now shift their focus to the next step in pursuit of a Super Bowl title. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell.

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